About Us

Furniture City is a family owned company founded in 1984 by Mike Roserie. He built a little shed next to his mothers house into a small work shop and began his life as an independent business man. Mike built custom furniture and cabinets for local customers and merchants.

Years later, Mike’s business plan of hard work and long hours was soon passed to his two sons who later incorporated their efforts into helping him grow the business. Over the past 38 years, Furniture City has grown from a one-­‐man shop to a medium sized company nationally recognized for a wide variety of products which exceeds international quality standards.

Located on the eastern coast of the island, Furniture City is able to maintain a strong and dedicated St Lucian workforce in an industry experiencing extreme pressure by overseas competition. Hard work, honestly and attention to detail continue to be the key ingredients in remaining a vibrant St Lucian manufacturer.


For over 38 years, Furniture City has been making quality furniture that stands up to the test of time. Made in our family-­‐owned factory, we hold our products to the highest industry quality standards. Quality control is a very high priority to us, and every aspect of our production process is continually monitored. When you bring Furniture City into your home you know that you’re getting furniture that is durable and affordable. We start by using high quality raw materials. We then pair that with years of manufacturing experience and state of the art machinery to produce the beautiful quality furniture that will keep your home looking great for years.

If you are searching for great quality custom furniture be sure to try Furniture City. Our products offer the best in quality, affordability and are guaranteed to offer a touch of class that will last!